6 Best TV Shows like The 100
If you are addicted to post-apocalyptic and science fiction shows like the 100, then you would definitely enjoy the following shows as well. These are shows which are similar to the 100 and gives you a fun ride via amazing sci-fi techniques.
by guest
May 26, 2020

Lost (2004)


The plot rotates around a group of plane accident survivors. They are compelled to cooperate when they wind up abandoned on an apparently remote location with not a single assistance to be seen.

It begins as an endurance appear; however, before long, mixes some science fiction and dream components. We are acquainted with time travel, apparitions, smoke beasts, and eternity as the show goes on.

Lost is one-of-a-kind. It has a legacy that can't be threatened by any other show. If you love shows like The 100, you will love what lost has to offer

Battlestar Galatica (2004)


This show poses this inquiry on numerous occasions about what makes us human. Battlestar Galatica is an awesome science fiction series, telling a story of fights among people and robots for the control of Earth.

The jobs you may expect are turned around; robots are the ones who show mankind, as a rule, darkening the contrasts among man and machine.

Revolution (2012)


The show depends on a future where governments worldwide have fallen, and there is mayhem all around as every electronic gadget has bafflingly quit working.

Supplies are rare, convincing individuals to frame gatherings on the off chance that they need to remain alive. The story gets when a few people choose to attempt to discover the explanation for the dark out.

An example of revelations follow, and the puzzle gradually starts to disentangle. Each scene responds to a couple of inquiries while raising a couple more.

The Leftovers (2014)


The plot revolves around the unexpected vanishing of 2% of the populace on the planet; an occasion called the Departure and the aftermath that this joy like occasion has caused.

The Leftovers doesn't paint a more amiable picture than normal prophetically calamitous shows designed for youthful fan bases and utilizes its link opportunity.

It's the show for you to realize what it presumably will resemble should something like this truly occur.

The Last ship (2014)


You could call it an adult version of The 100, since the show has a similar style, but focuses on a group of adults, mainly Navy Officers.

The series revolves around the last US Navy ship that is humanity's hope to find the cure to a virus that has wiped out 80% of the population.

Manifest (2018)


A flight booked from Jamaica to New York encounters an instance of extraordinary disturbance, yet figures out how to land in its planned goal.

The wind here is that the flight was obviously absent for five-and-a-half years without the travelers ever knowing.

Manifest has an exceptionally intriguing premise, one that manages emotional aftermath while holding parts of the sci-fi genre.