Top 5 Science Fiction movies like Interstellar
Interstellar is an outstanding science fiction movie by one of the greatest directors out there, Christopher Nolan. Fans of Interstellar can agree to the point that movies like Interstellar are complete roller coasters of thrills and adventures. They can attach you to the entirely new experience of exploring newer concepts.
by guest
May 26, 2020

This is why Interstellar is no lesser than a masterpiece. If you haven’t watched it yet, then add it to your must-watch list.

Here’s our list of the top five science and fiction best movies like Interstellar for you.

A Space of Odyssey (1968)


There is an infinite depth of space waiting for you in this movie A Space of Odyssey is an ever shine movie to see. You will feel like it is one of the modern movies but it is a movie of the last century. It will provoke you to ask different questions to yourself. This is a must-watch movie for the fans of the sci-fi medium to see the highly influential way of traveling to spaces.

Moon (2009)


Moon is a reflection of the real experience of an astronaut Sam Bell to find out a resource that can help to lessen the problems of earth. It narrates the solitary stint mining of helium-3 and three years of struggle on the distant side of the moon.

You will enjoy the thrill when you see that things are becoming difficult for him. Everything doesn’t look as they are. It is unfair to spoil the movie if you are planning to watch it. You won’t get the time to divert your attention due to the amount of tension for figuring out the next scene.

Gravity (2013)


Gravity is a sci-fi thriller movie in which two astronauts left alone after a disastrous accident of their shuttle. They are left alone there and trying to find gravity and life for their survival. They are finding their way to deal with the terrifying time, which was the only option left for them. This movie is a marvelous alternative to Interstellar. It will give a movie experience that you must be waiting for.

Primer (2004)


Primer resolves around the story of two engineers who accidentally discovered to travel the time. The unrelated project leads them towards this mysterious story that you must be interested in. Do not take too much to think and give a try to this movie.

Frequency (2000)


Frequency is among those movies that you must watch after Interstellar. It has an interesting and unique plot of notion and time travel, which opens with the briefing of the Sullivan family. Mark it into your watch-list because it is worth watching for Interstellar fans.