7 Best Games Like Dark Souls To Play Before You Die
If you are a gaming freak, then you must have heard of Dark Souls. It is an absolutely addictive game. There is no doubt in it that fans have a continuous craving for more mysterious and dark challenges. You can find it as an inspiration for other developers to launch their own games similar to dark souls.
by guest
May 31, 2020

End of Dark Souls series was the dark day for its fans. However, it is time to finish the time of your mourning. You must be influenced by Dark Souls but there are still many games like Dark Souls to wake up your gaming beast. You must be excited to have more inducing challenges.

Once you get into the Souls game, it might be difficult to find something similar to that. You must be curious to know what are games are like Dark Souls. We have kept every factor in our mind to present you with the list of 7 best games like Dark Souls to play before you die.

Titan Souls (2015)


This is one of those games that can wake you gaming jam with its exclusivity. The similar aspect of Titan Souls to Souls-like is its title. It trades on tricks and steep challenges. It calls to the most enthusiastic swashbucklers. Be ready for the fatal strikes and fair fights to kill the Titans.

Bloodborne (2015)


A stunning RPG gaming that you are dying to play is none other than Bloodborne. A trade of medieval fantasy for a dark sci-fi world with lots of cruel monsters, reckless buildings, and gloomy forests on your way. You may not have experienced such quick weapon transitions.

Demon’s Sousl (2009)


Demon’s soul is a game that is an unstoppable game. You would need to put all of your attention on it that you might not have given to someone else. You will find your every death as a lesson in this game to have a lifetime experience. Try your luck and gaming skills to pass the hard-hitting bosses in it.

The Surge (2017)


At times when you are looking for sci-fi setting soul-inspired gameplay, then it’s your time to shine. Who doesn’t want action in their lives? Add the flavor of action with a bundle of adventures in your gaming experience.

Dead Cells (2018)


You can be looking to experience games like Dark Souls, but easier than Dead Cells is the best offer to avail. It will let you explore a gigantic interrelated world. Keep your eyes on this Souls-inspired gameplay to add more fun to your gaming experience.

Legend of Grimrock (2012)


A whole new experience of a rise in tension through the ways of dungeons in the Legend of Grimrock. The imminent danger keeps hanging with you to give you the feel of an amazing mysterious journey. A Dark Souls fan will definitely love to play this game.

Lords of the fallen (2014)


Challenge with less punishment is the choice of some gamers. They don’t want disturbance due to frequent dying. You will find it a smooth start in Lords of fallen. It might be the game you are searching for for a long time. You would need to put all of your concentration on these games to see further progress. It might turn out to be interesting gaming for you. Take your time to look over the masterpiece games like Dark Souls mentioned above.