Best kitchen nightmares episode that will engage everyone
Kitchen Nightmare, A television program hosted by British celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is on the verge of fixing the problems of struggling local restaurant by visiting their space and giving them guidelines for improving their eateries.
by guest
June 26, 2020

Kitchen Nightmare was one of the most entertaining reality TV shows. Intending to improve restaurant business in term of quality and revenue each episode plays out with almost identical beats. In this reality TV, procedural Gordon Ramsay plays a kind of restaurant detective-pathologist, investigating failing business to turn them around.

If you have just started watching Kitchen Nightmare on Netflix and don’t want to watch every episode in order. But rather just the juicy one. We have got you covered. Here are the most watchable and best kitchen nightmare episodes so far.

Amy’s baking company - S05 E16


Amy’s Baking company is probably the best episode of Kitchen nightmare. With full of drama and entertainment, this episode was aired in 2013 and remain the most thrilling instalment of reality television for the past decade. This episode features “Samy and Amy Bouzaglo” the owner of Amy’s baking company. The couple was in trouble due to some haters who have been leaving angry comments and bullies them online.

This show started in a typical format: Gordon Ramsay meets owners, eats foods, pointed their mistakes, gives suggestions and also implemented them. Usually, in most of the episode issues like poor ownership, bad quality of food, and unhealthy kitchen condition were found, However, things in Amy’s kitchen were pretty good including the quality of food and the condition of the kitchen but the only difference was owner’s behaviour toward its customers. After the arrival of hosts, dinner service turned out to be a disaster, involving firing, threat and screaming. Ramsay got so upset and annoyed that he left the show halfway saying he is unable to do anything for this place.

Dillons - S01 E02


The series showcased Dillon in the second episode of the first season. An Indian restaurant located in New York that serves Indian, American, Italian British every type of cuisine. The all-time gross-out episode “Dillon’s” Sees Ramsay investigating a comically mismanaged Restaurant. Ramsay looked around the place and pointed out too many mistakes including rotting food, extremely unhygienic kitchen, an army of aimless managers and the language barrier among the staff.

There were an arrogant British Guy Gordon Ramsay seems to hate disproportionately. The Restaurant also had a ridiculous old phone And a Head chef that can’t speak or understand English. Throughout the episode, he had a creepy smile on his face even when he Gordon swears at him. After seeing so many issues, the Host immediately shuts down the kitchen. Probably it’s the only episode where Gordon just had to sit down and continually rub his eyes to relieve stress.

Burger kitchen - S04 E07


This episode is about Burger restaurant run by Alan and his wife Jen, which is located in the famous area of Los Angeles. Burger kitchen is one of the few two-part episodes featured on kitchen nightmare. This is a classic tale of a married couple in full dispute with the restaurant’s chef and staff as well. Son who is also a part of this restaurant is also involved in the conflict. Burger kitchen is a perfect example of the cons of having a family-owned business. Alan openly admits to the show crew that she has opened this restaurant with his son Daniel’s inheritance from his grandfather without his permission.

Alan was also under impression that there’s a conspiracy against restaurant organized by yelp. On the other hand, the restaurant staff including the head chef David Blaine were always in a fight with the restaurant owners and everything was on the verge of collapse. It is one of the most tragic family troubles in Kitchen Nightmare that it required two episodes, and even Gordon Ramsay couldn’t save it and the restaurant got permanently closed.

Spin a yarn - S04 E13


The restaurant called “Spin A yarn” is a fifty-year-old banquet and steakhouse, had a rich history and was previously among the famous meeting places or hideaway in Fremont, California. After visiting the restaurant the chef Gordon Ramsay found out that unfortunately, the eatery had lost its value due to poor culinary item, plain menu and outdated interior. The restaurant is facing several other issues as well including unprofessional staff, disorganized staff and the service that is offering to the customers is poor and inconsistent. When the restaurant was simply dying and impending the nail in the coffin. Ramsay helped the owner in renewing the menu and ambience of an eatery. Spin A yarn still Stand today and has a favourable reputation. This episode is a fine example of why people like Kitchen Nightmare so much.