Movie theater chains opening schedule post COVID-19 lockdown
It’s a dreadful time for Movie theater chains, as for so many other. After being shattered for month due to coronavirus pandemic, Movie theaters across the globe are all set to reopen with additional precaution.
by guest
June 27, 2020

There are no evidence about theatres being a source of COVID-19 outbreak, Even before this pandemic social distancing was widely implemented there. Public health experts have also said the possibility of acquiring this virus in a theater is far less than that of many other indoor activities. But you can't simply ignore the significance of social distancing and precautionary measures.

In America, although some states have begun to ease lockdown, life is still far from normal. For most of America, there are nearly 6,000 cinemas. Studios are holding up their films also as the quarter of Americans have said they won’t go back to the cinema until at least the autumn. No released are planned for the July 4th weekend, normally a coveted slot. So it will be months before theatres raise their curtains.

ON the other hand, AMC theatres, the world largest theatre operators said in the news that they are going to reopen their 97-98% of its theatre worldwide by mid-July. Cinemark has said it will begin reopening in late June and fully reopen by July 10. Cineworld, the owner of “Regal Cinema” are also tracking to resume their operation in July. It is the world second-largest movie theater chain.

The National Association of Theater Owners, the trade group that represent exhibitors, expects that around 90 to 95 % of cinema around the globe will be opened by then as well. However, they cautioned that revised guideline and new restriction will be implemented to practice social distancing at large scale. Therefore, the experience won’t be quite the same for the audience as before. But Under the right conditions, going back to the movie theatre might not be as dangerous as one think.

For the resumption of business, different chains have announced the most ambitious and widespread plan. Cinemas will be regularly cleaned. Special discounts will be offered to book tickets online. Whereas, to facilitate social distancing they are planning to limit audience sizes, keeping cinemas 25 to 50 % full and blocking out seats.

With several safety measures, Japan’s biggest Theater chain Toho Cinemas has already started opening some of its theatres in the month of June. They are using plastic screens to keep staff and patrons apart along with staggered seating and encouraging contactless payment.

In France, a country that loves its cinemas plans to reopen its theatre on June 22 by ensuring all the necessary safety measures are put in right place.

Like most of the other countries, Chinese cinemas were also shuttered after the outbreak of this deadliest virus. In mid-march after the easing of the lockdown, an attempt was made to tentatively open the cinemas but the distributors refused to release new films and audience stay at home too. Almost 500 cinemas that tried to open have shut down again after receiving a letter from the government.

The situation is UK is not good either, the popular Tyneside Cinema started a donation campaign to ensure that it will be able to resume its operation But the Cinemagoers argues that it will be too soon to open cinema when there is no vaccine for COVID-19 exist, therefore it is safer to watch films at home.

But even if the theatres can safely reopen following all the precautionary measures, the news are still not good for cinemagoers. They might not have any movies to watch. The Majority of the Hollywood films that were scheduled to come out this summer have already been postponed until the fall or 2021.