Top 5 Game of Thrones finale theories fans came up with (#3 is nuts!)
Finally, the battles have ended, the smoke has cleared, and all the eight seasons of game of thrones came to an end. But people will keep on talking about all the eight Seasons for many years to come.
by guest
June 27, 2020

The ending of this marvellous series was unexpected that has left many fans in shock. There were quite a few unexpected events including Bran Stark winning the throne, Arya Stark killing the Night King, dernerys Targaryen destroying King’s landing and many more.

Following this, many fans have started theorized different outcomes that would have made a better ending.

Here is a list of top 5 games of throne finale theories that would have made for a better ending.

Jon And Daenerys Die, Their Child Will Inherit The Throne


Theory related to Jon and Daenerys death, was quite popular before the final season aired. Over social media, people were speculating that they would have a child, and he will inherit the iron throne. Especially after their romantic rendezvoused on a boat in “The Dragon and the wolf” spectators dubbed their child “boat baby” and theorized, he will be the next king by inheriting the iron throne after the death of his parents.

Jon snow Becomes King


As the season seven reveal that john snow was a person who is legally entitled to the iron throne, this theory seemed to be more logical. Born Aegon Targaryen, the antecedent ruler in North was discovered to be the legitimate and actual son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, resulted in the successor to House Targaryen.

Many people speculated that Daenerys would marry Jon or the Dragon’s mother would pass away in the concluding battle against Walkers. Hence, this will make things pretty much straight forward for Jon to take charge of the throne.

The Night King wins


Fans theorized that Night king would destroy Westeros and kill all the leading characters as Game of Throne was never destined to have a happy ending. Contrary to that this speculated end would have been the bleakest. As both the white Walkers and Night King were portrayed as almost unkillable beasts, this was seemed pretty much possible.

The Iron Throne Is Destroyed, Westeros Is Ruled By A Great Council


In-Game Of Throne finale, the Bran stark’s rise from ashes left the fans in surprise and dragon destroyed the Iron throne which fans has theorized would happen but under a different state of affairs. Daenerys gave the glimpses of breaking the wheel is the fifth season and it would be similar to her predecessor Aegon shaping the throne with Balerion if she demolished it with the dragon. Westeros has been governed by a Council before for limited period, and Jon or Dany could have initiated or set up this as a way precisely extricate seven kingdoms.

Cersei Destroys The King’s Landing With Wildfire


This is another wildly speculated theory that becomes pervasive after the destruction of Sept of Baelor by Cersi Lannister in season six finale. Many fans thought that Cersei would be the mad queen of series in place of Daenerys, with Jamie assassinating him for the same reasons he manslaughter Aerys, thus fulfilling the younger sibling prediction.