Top 6 Movies like John Wick to watch before You Die
If you loved John Wick, the following movies are a must-watch for you before you die. So, fasten your belt to take a ride of these thrilling movie recommendations.
by guest
May 27, 2020

The Matrix (1999)


Starting the rundown off with another film featuring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix is a dream/science fiction film containing unforgettable action sequences.

What is the Matrix? The whole plot rotates around this one apparently simple inquiry, yet the appropriate response expects you to go down a bunny hole.

In our current reality, where people are kept in a manufactured reality since they are utilized for vitality by a race of keen machines, The Matrix is an account of people battling to liberate themselves from oppression and persecution.

The Equalizer (2014)


Not every book has to have a happy ending, and nobody realizes these words better than Robert McCall, who carries on with a typical life working a normal activity in The Equalizer, if you are looking for the best movies like John Wick.

Be that as it may, he is constrained to let his devils out after a little youngster named Teri gets mercilessly beaten by Russian mobsters.

They dismiss his supplication to release her in return for cash, which ends up being the greatest mix-up of their lives as he endeavors to bring down a whole horde association.

Taken (2008)


At a point when a dad advises you to release his kidnapped girl or, in all likelihood, he will discover you, and he will slaughter you, believe him.

Bryan Mills is a previous government usable who is compelled to utilize all the abilities available to him to spare his little girl in the wake of finding out about her seizing.

He is compelled to let it occur as he is a large number of miles from here and can't take care of business.

Deadpool (2016)


Wade Wilson is a person with a crazy character working borderline illicit occupations, yet things change after he gets some answers concerning his serious malignant growth.

The main expectation left is a mystery freak program.

Subsequent to suffering tenacious torment, he increases superhuman capacities and a capacity to mend from any physical harm. Sounds like the perfect movie like John Wick right?

Jack Reacher (2012)


Jack Reacher is a military legend who has individuals asking why he left his job, in spite of getting all the conceivable privileged titles as a military agent.

He is, however, a very dangerous man, a danger to any individual who runs into him.

He helps the lawyer of an ex-military expert rifleman, who has been blamed for arbitrarily executing five individuals, by searching out the undeniable realities.

Fury (2014)


Fury is a World War 2 film featuring Brad Pitt, so you realize the Nazis are in a tough situation this time.

In war, things consistently deteriorate before they can show signs of improvement, so just the strongest men endure, men who've just dealt with their mortality.

Armed force sergeant, Don Collier, goes on an apparently incomprehensible strategic foe line, taking just four men with him. It would appear that they've just got the worst part of the deal.