Top 6 games like Stardew Valley - Build your Own Farm and Play
Stardew Valley has taken the world by a storm with its addictive RPG world. The open-ended country life is a refreshing concept making the game a one of a kind.
by guest
June 1, 2020

There is no doubt that Stardew Valley gets all the glory in the farming sim RPG world; However, there are other must-know options where players build their own farm and play. Here we mention the top 6 games like Stardew Valley that you may have missed.

Harvest Moon (1996)


Harvest moon: Mad dash is totally about adapting fast actions. You can find most of the usual activities in a farming sim with a division of timed mini-games. In addition, its 2-player update is very similar to Stardew Valley.

This simplified time-draining and addictive game is good for farm sims, making it a suitable way, to get your farming sim fixed, without the time investment. It also has an amazing and casual approach to reel you back in if you are burned out in the farming sim genre.

Story of season: Trio of towns (2016)


This game is one of the most suitable alternatives of Stardew Valley. You will get your instant interest in it if you have already get your hand on the Harvest Moon game.

One can say this game is a refined version of Harvest Moon. Here initially, you start as an inexpert and young farmer to reach the level of successfully cultivate your plot of land. You will surely find Trio of towns as a whole fun journey if you are into the pc games like Stardew Valley.

Moonlighter (2018)


Moonlighter is also game that belongs to the same genre, and is one of the best games like Stardew Valley. In the day time, the player manages things as a shopkeeper. Their duties included restocking shelves, dealing with customers, brain-soothing and mediocrity. As soon as I time get to darkness and its night, you become a warrior.

It is filled with destiny and family drama. If you get your interest in it, then prepare yourself for one more addiction in your gaming experience.

Wild season (2016)


The wild season is the best choice if you are looking for a similar style of gameplay related to farming. At the start, it leads you from the young farmer to the one who owns a new land in a rural town.

While playing this game, you will get the task to get rid of the multiple obstacles on your ground. You will also have to sow and start your farming adventures by using various tools. It is a story-focused game that can gain all of your attention.

Gleaner Heights (2018)


Gleaner Heights is another farming sim RPG. It allows you to explore the amazing experience of entertainment. It has a focus on characters and a creepy supernatural power.

You will get to learn different pathways while exploring multiple stories. It is the best fit to fix your Twin peaks nostalgia.

Staxel (2018)


If you are the person who is crazy over fast gaming, then Staxel is the best farming game for you. It will not disappoint you or make you wait for things to happen during the game.

You can find a whole new experience of fast-paced gameplay. It is something innovative you will find about Minecraft and farming if you are playing it for the first time.

Look at these top 6 pc games like Stardew Valley. Find out how much do you like something else other than the glorious game of name tag Stardew Valley. You will surely get your interest in those if you are a gaming person specifically into farming sim RPG world.